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Remodeling is actually a second career for Michael Sauri, who runs the award-winning contracting business TriVista USA with his wife, Deborah. He spent his early adulthood playing guitar for rock ’n’ roll bands before making the transition to his current line of work—that after watching his bandmate’s father, an architect, build, renovate and flip homes. Sauri successfully [remodeled and?] flipped 13 houses on his own before he launched TriVista in 2005. It was a natural shift, he says, in that musicians and carpenters have similar personality types and work habits. “The muscle that you need to get artisans together, with our slightly destructive, creative lifestyle, is the same.”

Because nearly all of his work is close to home in Arlington, he regularly bumps into clients around town. “I’m the guy who can’t screw up your job,” he says. “I’d better not, because I’m going to run into you.” It’s easy to find him most weekends, in fact, because he still plays local gigs at clubs such as TK and TK with his band, Girl X.


808 North Danville St., Arlington, 888-814-8748, www.trivistausa.com

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