10 Places to Order Thanksgiving Pies

Got guests coming and not enough time to do it all? Let these tantalizing bakeries handle your dessert course.

Acme Pie Co. (photo by Bruce Buckley)

Acme Pie Co.

Pastry chef/owner Sol Schott maintains a busy wholesale business (you can hoover his pies by the slice at Rare Bird Coffee Roasters, William Jeffrey’s Tavern, Westover Market and other local eateries), but he is accepting a limited number of direct orders (about 100 pies per day) in the lead-up to Thanksgiving. The hitch: You’ll need to stop by his Columbia Pike shop in person between 3-9 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, to place your order. Expect variations on the classics (all priced at $32) such as apple with caramelized sugar (“which happens to be vegan,” he says); sweet potato; pumpkin with candied ginger; or chocolate-pecan, which is made with maple syrup in lieu of corn syrup for a flavor profile that’s not too sweet. //2803 Columbia Pike, Arlington

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