15 Amazing Bar Snacks

When you’re craving a drink and a nibble, these spots should top your go-to list.

Spam Musubi at the Hawaiian-themed Hula Girl Bar and Grill. Photo courtesy of Hula Girl Bar and Grill.

4. Spam Musubi at Hula Girl Bar and Grill

4044 Campbell Ave., Arlington; hulagirlbarandgrill.com

This Shirlington Village spot may be the closest thing to Hawaii that we can get here in the DMV, and everyone knows Spam is a pretty big deal on the islands. Here, you can find Spam musubi ($3), which is spam wrapped in nori with rice; or katsu Spam musubi ($6), which is the same thing, but the Spam is crusted with panko and deep fried. Wash it down with a Mai Tai or the Hula Girl Punch.

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