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Meet Khale!

Khale is a wonderful six-year-old tuxedo cat, and she is as cool as a cucumber. She loves to cuddle and sit on your lap while you do work, and she is very comfortable being around people. She adjusts quickly to her surroundings, and she’s very comfortable to just lounge around while you do work around the house. Khale is diabetic, so she does get daily insulin shots, but she doesn’t bat an eye and is very agreeable to them, taking it easily as she eats her food. Khale likes attention and will butt her head into you for some head scratches, but other than that, she is very low-maintenance. She’ll do well in any household that wants to have her around!

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is currently offering virtual adoptions. Click here for more info!

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Adopt A Pet


6-year-old spayed female cat