10 New Books to Read in March

This month brings the latest installment in the Lady Sherlock series, and a riveting account of a train derailment that changed America.
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March blows in like a lion and out like a lamb, but whatever the weather is doing, we have some great books to recommend this month. Whether you’re curled up inside, away from the storm, or outside taking advantage of the early spring weather, check out these new releases.

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World We MakeA Tempest at Sea
By Sherry Thomas

Charlotte Holmes is in hiding, but if she can retrieve a dossier for the crown, she might get her life back. To obtain the dossier, she and her friends board a ship on its way to Gilbraltar. When someone is murdered onboard, Charlotte must stay in hiding and abstain from solving the crime, lest she become the next victim. An intriguing installment in the fan-favorite Lady Sherlock series. // Available March 14. Library catalog link here.

Punishment Of A HunterBitter Medicine
By Mia Tsai

Elle, the daughter of a Chinese medicine god, works as an ordinary glyph maker, hiding her true talent to protect her family. But when Luc, a half-elf fixer and her favorite customer, needs some custom glyphs, her true powers begin to show. As their friendship blossoms into something more, Luc fears Elle will discover secrets from his past. This high-action fantasy-romance combines elements of Chinese, Celtic and Norse mythology for a page-turning debut. // Available March 14. Library catalog link here.

Before Your Memory FadesThe Quarantine Princess Diaries
By Meg Cabot

In the spring of 2020, author Meg Cabot posted pandemic updates from Genovia, which she has now expanded into a full-length novel. Princess Mia is doing her best to keep her small country healthy, even as her cousin Ivan is fighting against her restrictions and Grandmère is insisting on a lavish public wedding to her latest boyfriend. All the while, Mia is also helping a palace full of kids attempting distance learning. Cabot’s trademark humor and Mia’s relatable struggles will have fans of this series rejoicing. // Available March 28. Library catalog link here.

Factory GirlsHouse with Good Bones
By T. Kingfisher

Sam’s mom lives alone in the house she inherited from her own mother. Concerned about her mom’s recent behavior, Sam goes to investigate, and discovers oddities well beyond her mom’s strange actions. As she digs into possible explanations, Sam discovers family secrets and horrors. The vultures are literally circling the house in T. Kingfisher’s Southern Gothic-infused horror novel. // Available March 28. Library catalog link here.


Ruin Of All WitchesWalk Through Fire: The Train Disaster that Changed America
By Yasmine Ali

In 1978, a train derailed in Waverly, Tennessee, and a tank car full of liquid petroleum exploded, killing 16 people and injuring more than 200 others. The fallout from the disaster led to the creation of FEMA, along with regulatory reforms and updated training for emergency response procedures. Author Yasmine Ali, whose parents both worked at the local hospital, writes a riveting account of the disaster, which sadly seems incredibly timely. // Available March 7. Library catalog link here.

Fatty Fattty Boom BoomThe Kingdom of Prep: The Inside Story of the Rise and (Near) Fall of J. Crew
By Maggie Bullock

Author Maggie Bullock offers a fascinating look at fashion and business history through the lens of the once-iconic brand J. Crew. From the evolution of preppy style to the demise of the mall, J. Crew’s story has been marked by superstar designers and CEOs. Bullock weaves these threads together and looks at the internal and external factors that contributed to J. Crew’s highs and lows. // Available March 7. Library catalog link here.

Lego StoryUrban Jungle: The History and Future of Nature in the City
By Ben Wilson

How does the natural world interact with urban landscapes? Ben Wilson explores the damaging impact (past and present) of cities on the environment, but also highlights how nature and cities are co-existing, as well as the ways cities can incorporate nature to combat climate change. From rewilding abandoned lots and eliminating waste to creating new water infrastructure, he offers several real-life case studies and a hopeful way forward. // Available March 7. Library catalog link here.

Dickens And PrinceThe Angel Makers: Arsenic, a Midwife, and Modern History’s Most Astonishing Murder Ring
By Patti McCracken

In the early 20th century in the small Hungarian village Nagyrév, the local midwife, Aunt Suzy, also serves as the village doctor and coroner. Not only does she help female patients with their pregnancies and post-partum recoveries, she also provides a means of dealing with abusive husbands— arsenic. But the women of the village can’t get away with murder forever. Especially as the body count continues to mount in this dramatic history. // Available March 14. Library catalog link here.

Middle Grade

Sir CallieHamra and the Jungle of Memories
By Hannah Alkaf

During the peak of Malaysia’s Covid lockdowns, Hamra’s parents spend all their time at work, leaving Hamra to look after her aging grandmother. On her 13th birthday, Hamra wanders into the jungle and breaks the cardinal rule—taking a piece of fruit and angering a weretiger. To  repay her debt and help her grandmother, she must embark on an epic quest to help the creature regain his humanity, as he’s stayed in tiger form too long. Hannah Alkaf’s captivating fantasy interweaves contemporary themes and Malaysian folklore with high adventure. // Available March 28. Library catalog link here.


WhiteoutWhile You Were Dreaming
By Alisha Rai

In this nod to While you Were Sleeping, Sonia Patil saves the life of her crush while dressed in full costume at a local ComicCon. As video of her act goes viral, she fears being discovered as the hero, afraid of what the spotlight could mean for her undocumented sister. At the same time, Sonia must juggle school, work, and her growing feelings for her crush’s brother. Author Alisha Rai artfully balances heavy issues and strikes the right tone in the context of the story’s romcom framework. // Available March 21. Library catalog link here.

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