Covid Chronicles

Kim Rosenthal

"Without hockey and baseball, my husband recently found himself cheering the skillful play of a dodgeball tournament rerun." 

Amanda Taylor

"I can be welcomed into a grocery store with a bandana tied around my face. My white skin frees me from the worry that I may be mistaken for a criminal."

Jennifer Cassata

"When I asked my senior, 'Are you okay?' it was something she had heard me ask a gazillion times. However, this was so not one of those times."

Lee Smith

"On March 13, I sat in the parking lot of Washington-Liberty High School and wished my high-school career goodbye."

Reema Bogin

"Masks are a double-edged sword for people like me. The D.C. area has one of the highest per capita populations of deaf and hard of hearing people." 

Susan Silver Levy

"Little did I realize all those nights around the kitchen table, bartering sheep and brick for ore and wood, amounted to training that would help me survive quarantine."

Madelyn Rosenberg

"We said a prayer for health care workers. We made jokes about the prophet Elijah maintaining six feet of social distancing. We drank grape juice and terrible wine."