EyeSoar- Capital Fringe Festival

July 13, 2019 @ 5:45 pm – July 28, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
St. Matthew's Lutheran Church
222 M St SW
Washington, DC 20024
Jane Franklin Dance
EyeSoar- Capital Fringe Festival @ St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

Space is getting tighter and longtime occupants of the Four Mile Run (Shirlington, VA) nestle with change. Through an audio, video, and movement-based performance, EyeSoar captures the evolving space, people, and organizations in this industrial neighborhood. As Don Zientara notes in his audio interview, “we can make as much noise as we want and no one will care.” The Four Mile Run has a unique history of being a forgotten and ignored space that holds a unique significance to the surrounding community.

EyeSoar is performed by Ian Edwards, Carly Johnson, Kelsey Rohr, Amy Scaringe, Brynna Shank, and Rebecca Weiss with live music by Don Zientara. Interviews feature Charles Meng (Director of Arlington Food Assistance Center), Don Zientara (Founder of Inner Ear Studio), Mike Katrivanos (New District Brewing), Rudy Flores (Automotive Express), Travis Hackney (Weenie Beenie), Megan Carney (Dept of Parks and Recreation), and Uzi Samee (Cultural Affairs Specialist).