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The first thing Tammy Rosen did after she got married was get a dog. The second thing she did was quit her software engineering job and open a pet sitting business.

A decade later, that business includes an army of pet sitters; a doggie day care, boarding facility and training school in South Arlington; and a dog wash and dog-walking service in D.C. Rates range from $20 per visit for pet sitting to $395 for a four-week in-home training package. “People work a lot,” says Rosen, who runs the business with her husband, Steve. “They want to have an animal to come home to, but they feel guilty being away for so long.”

Yorktown resident Jan McKelvey appreciates that she can email to arrange a dog-walker for her 13-year-old cockapoo as late as the night before if she finds out she has to work the next day.

“And 99.9 percent of the time, they’ve been able to come through,” says McKelvey, who works part time at the Library of Congress. “I can go away and not worry.”

4140 South Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington, 703-933-1935, www.furgetmenot.com

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