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Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe

Take a number, and do it quickly. More than 500 customers a day stream through the doors of the bakery owned by husband-and-wife team Wolfgang and Carla Büchler. Ever since its opening in 1975, generations of families have returned for the top-selling dark chocolate Florentine honey almond cookies ($11.50 per pound) and six-grain loaves of bread, made with imported German flour ($4.40 for a one-pound loaf). What’s piping hot these days? “Everyone wants pretzels,” says chef Wolfgang, although regular patrons also wait their turn for glazed doughnuts in the morning, bratwurst and German potato salad at lunchtime, and fruit-topped cakes for special occasions.

“With everything, they take their time and do it nicely,” says chocolate éclair fan Anne Taylor, a 30-year customer who works for BAE Systems in Arlington. Check the bakery’s website for twice-yearly open house events offering tours of the production area and lots of free samples.

2150 North Culpeper St., Arlington, 703-527-8394, www.heidelbergbakery.com

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