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Talal Munasifi

Growing up in Beirut, Talal Munasifi wanted to be a pediatrician. Later on, during medical school rotations at the University of Baghdad, his path changed to plastic surgery.

“I saw the changes people undergo and how much you can help them in two or three hours,” says Munasifi, who moved to the U.S. in 1973 to complete his surgical residency at the University of Miami, followed by a plastic surgery residency at Georgetown University Hospital (where he now teaches). “The results are immediate. You can take someone back 15 years.”

That was the case for Annandale resident Linda Adkins, who received a face-lift from Munasifi in 2011. Brain surgery 18 years earlier had left her face asymmetrical. “The right side of my face was droopier than the left side,” she explains.

Pleased with the results, Adkins returned six weeks later for a skin-rejuvenating CO2 laser peel. “Afterwards, he looked at me and said, ‘You’ve got spots you can’t see, but I can,’ ” she recalls. “I was happy, but he wasn’t.”

He threw in an additional chemical peel (worth about $400) free of charge.

Other patients turn to Munasifi for procedures ranging from $150 facials to $10,000 face-lifts. He usually performs one “mommy makeover” per week—a combo that includes a tummy tuck and post-baby breast lift.

Virginia Hospital Center, 1635 North George Mason Drive, Suite 380, Arlington, 703-841-0399, www.advancedplasticsurgerycenter.com