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Sun & Moon Yoga Studio

Some people find community at work or at their place of worship. Others find it at this Arlington yoga studio.

“We have really solid groups who have been together practicing, learning and evolving for years,” says Tara-Leeway Heights resident Annie Moyer, director of Sun & Moon Yoga. “We go through life together. We have babies together. We mourn each other’s losses.”

Open since 1995, Sun & Moon offers a range of classes, including flowing vinyasa, prenatal, mommy-and-me and therapeutic yoga.

“If you have a torn ACL, you can come to [owner] Amir Tahami’s classes and you will know that your knee will be taken care of and you won’t injure it further. Even better, you might find ways to heal,” Moyer says.

“With therapeutic yoga, you’re taking care of things that are askew. We focus on the best way to heal whatever is ailing in your body.”

Local author Marianne Szegedy-Maszak has been going to Sun & Moon for 10 years. She takes the 6:30 a.m. class four days a week, and sometimes drops in for an 11 a.m. class, too. “I’m an addict,” says the Cherrydale resident, whose historical memoir, I Kiss Your Hands Many Times: Hearts, Souls and Wars in Hungary, was published by Spiegel & Grau (a division of Random House) in 2013. She says her yoga practice cleared her head and made it easier for her to write.

“I struggled with writing my book for a very long time,” says Szegedy-Maszak. “With yoga, your mind is clearer, your body feels better, and you sleep better. It made me more limber, both physically and mentally.” –W.K.

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