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Andy’s Lawn and Landscape

Andy Shelton started mowing lawns in his neighborhood (Westover) during middle school—and never stopped. “I enjoyed working outside, and I decided to give it a shot right out of high school,” he explains. Andy’s Lawn Service was born in 1997, and steadily grew as Shelton tended lawns by day and took business classes at night. Now, the homegrown entrepreneur manages 10 work crews and about 37 employees, and regularly turns business away. He doesn’t want to expand, he says, because “I see a lot of businesses grow beyond their capability, and the quality goes down. I just always focus on the best quality and the best service.” His crews stay loyal, too, because he’s generous with overtime, and treats them to perks like dinners, fishing trips and an annual soccer tournament. “I treat all of them like family,” Shelton says.


2860 Hartland Road, Falls Church, 703-241-3752

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