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Ward Pest Control

Forty years ago, Jim Ward started his own pest control business. In that first year, he racked up a total of six customers. “It was pretty meager,” admits his wife and co-owner, Donna. Not anymore. Today, Ward Pest Control receives hundreds of calls per month, from people worried about everything from bedbugs in their mattresses to squirrels in their attic.

Donna fields many of those calls, keeping her finger on the pulse of Arlington’s pest problems. “Chipmunks are a disaster,” she says of the small rodents that like to dig under hard surfaces, sometimes causing walkways or pavement to collapse. On the other hand, she thinks bedbugs have been oversold as a menace. For every 10 bedbug calls the business receives in an average month, about six turn out to be false alarms. “There are other things that bite you,” she says. “Carpet beetles are a common misidentification.”

400 North Washington St., Suite 101, Falls Church, 703-248-3631, www.wardpestcontrol.net

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