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Best of Arlington 2016

Food & Drink

Best Coffee Shop

Northside Social

Ever since Northside Social opened in Clarendon in 2010, folks have flocked there religiously to get their caffeine fix. And what tasty Counter Culture Coffee it is, overseen by Director of Coffee Seth Cook and baristas who are adept at both artfully frothy flourishes and friendliness. The homey red café is a popular spot for a casual date (the upstairs becomes a wine bar after 5 p.m.), doing some work, surfing the Internet, people watching and complaining about the crowd that left you waiting in line for your latte. And the food is spot-on—be it a smoked-salmon-and-poached-egg breakfast sandwich with arugula and cream cheese on a warm roll, freshly striped in a panini press; a puff-pastry Nutella Pop Tart; or a bacon-blue-cheese-and-date scone. Word has it the owners will be opening a similar café in Falls Church City in the near future. –David Hagedorn

3211 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, 703-465-0145, www.northsidesocialarlington.com

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