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Best of Arlington 2018

Little Falls Mediation

Best Mediator

Mediator Ellice Halpern. Photo by Martha FitzSimon

Why choose mediation over litigation? Ellice Halpern, who started her company in 2015, offers a convincing argument: It’s confidential, less expensive, takes less time and gives the parties a chance to brainstorm amicable solutions. A graduate of Georgetown Law, Halpern started her career mediating court-referred cases, but discovered it to be too limiting. “Founding my company allowed me to help more people,” she says. The firm can provide guidance whether the issue at hand is a divorce, a workplace dispute or a consumer complaint. Halpern, a hiker, says she named it “Little Falls,” believing the beauty of nature can provide serenity during stressful times. She offers a simple piece of advice for those entering mediation: “Be present and listen. A lot of people…like to talk. It’s much harder to listen.”


–Matt Blitz