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Best of Arlington 2018

Mr Wash

Best Car Wash

The year Mr Wash opened its Arlington branch, Car and Driver named the Ford Mustang GT and Mazda RX-7 among the 10 best cars on the road. Today you’re more likely to see a parade of minivans and SUVs queuing up at the Glebe Road car wash where Steve Harris and his family have been putting a shine on local rides for more than three decades. The vehicles have changed, but some things haven’t. “We have a lot of people who’ve been working for us for 20, 30 years,” he says. “Husbands and wives, fathers and sons.” Founded by Steve’s father, Bob, nearly 60 years ago, Mr Wash opened its first car wash in Prince George’s County in Maryland, followed by a second one in downtown D.C., less than a mile from the White House. Steve still remembers his dad telling stories about washing President Kennedy’s Secret Service car. Today, Steve’s son Nathan has taken over as president as the torch is passed to a third generation. “He’s doing a better job than I ever did,” Steve says. “I’m very proud of him.”


–Matt Blitz

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