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Best of Arlington 2018

Victory Comics

Best for Game Geeks

Photo by Michael Ventura

Heroes, villains and hard-core gamers meet up daily at Jeff Weaver’s 3,500-square-foot store in Falls Church. In addition to its neat racks of comic books, action figures and stacks of board games, Victory boasts a large and faithful gaming community—one with a particular fondness for Magic The Gathering, Settlers of Catan and Dungeons & Dragons. What you won’t find here, to the delight of parents who fret over excessive screen time, are video games. Store manager Samantha Herr thinks the culture of inclusion is also part of what makes Victory great. “I really love how diverse our staff is,” she says. “We have about a 50-50 split of women to men, and lots of LGBT representation…it really helps people feel like they have a home here.”


–Matt Blitz