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Best of Arlington 2019

Ambar Clarendon

Best Restaurant

Photo by Ardent Vibe

You feel the buzz the moment you walk into this stylish and chatty Clarendon bistro devoted to the pleasures of the Balkan table. Thirty-five dollars opens the door to unlimited small-plate tastings of that region’s hearty and flavorful cuisine, so order with abandon. Just make sure your choices include tele´ca krem ˇcorba, a rich, milky broth loaded with braised veal, carrots and potatoes and enriched with sour cream; and sarma, a dish of cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and pork belly, slow cooked for five hours and topped with yogurt. Both have the homey goodness of something your relatives from the Old Country might make to cure what ails ya.

–David Hagedorn


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