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Best of Arlington 2020

Chesapeake Club at The Local Oyster

Outrageous Sandwich

A welcome addition to Ballston Quarter Market, this Baltimore-based food stall is all about fresh seafood. For an excellent sampling of its bounty in sandwich form, order the gargantuan Chesapeake Club, which, at $25, is worth every penny. In between three slices of Texas toast, one finds a generous portion of lightly dressed shrimp salad mixed with just a touch of diced onion and celery; a large crabcake (broiled or fried; you pick) heavy on the Maryland crab and light on the filler; lettuce, tomato and crisp bacon. Old Bay mayonnaise (“Old Bayo”) comes on the side, as does an excellent vinegary and not too mayonnaise-y red-cabbage slaw seasoned with plenty of celery seed. Want it messier? Slather on all the dressing and the slaw. Want less mess? Deconstruct it—eat the shrimp salad and crabcake with a fork, then build a mini BLT with one slice of the toast. The sandwich comes with two wipes. Ask for ten. –David Hagedorn