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Best of Arlington 2020

Tutoring Club of McLean

Tutoring Service

Tutoring Club tutor Vivian Vasquez with student Charlotte Wood. Photo by Dixie Vereen

Every child learns differently, and it always helps to have a plan. Tutoring Club’s McLean center (it’s part of a nationwide network of learning centers) offers early learning, academic, standardized testing and study skills support to kids of all abilities, from pre-K through college prep. “We create customized game plans for each student, beginning with an assessment of study habits, communication styles and other aspects of learning that form the foundation of academic success,” says owner Michelle Scott. Some plans focus on helping manage student stress, school schedules and parents’ expectations. “We are also often the resource for bridging the gap between parents, students and schools, teaching students how to learn independently and to take ownership of their academics,” says Scott. “Our mission is to create confident, self-motivated learners for life.” –Adrienne Wichard-Edds


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