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BASIS Independent McLean

BASIS Independent McLean, age 2–grade 12 private school in Tysons Corner, raises the standards of student learning to the highest international levels in a globally benchmarked liberal arts and STEM-focused curriculum. The BASIS Curriculum is a blend of best educational practices from around the world and provides students with the type of rigorous and comprehensive education found in top-performing countries. Passionate expert teachers bring advanced material to life across a wide breadth of disciplines, including Mandarin, logic, engineering, economics, performing arts, humanities, and more. Students gain the content knowledge, critical thinking, and self-advocacy skills needed to succeed in the world’s top colleges and universities.


Location: McLean, Tysons Corner
Total Student Population: 435
Avg Class Size: 20
Teacher/Student Ratio: varies by age
Religious Affiliation: None
Uniform: N
Bus: Y
Lowest Tuition: $22,000
Annual Tuition Grade 12: $29,000
Foreign Languages Offered: Spanish, French, Latin, Mandarin

Essential Information

8000 Jones Branch Dr.
McLean, Virginia 22102

Additional Information

Grades (schools may appear in multiple categories): Ages 2-6, K-12
Gender: Co-Ed