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The Brooksfield School

The Brooksfield School was founded in 1987 as a unique Montessori School dedicated to providing a loving, stimulating and creative environment with a focus on the arts. We strive to nurture the social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of our students.


Total Student Population: 100
Avg Class Size: 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: Toddlers 5:1; PreK/K 10:1
Religious Affiliation: None
Uniform: N
Bus: Y (for FCPS bef/aft care
Lowest Tuition (5-day students): Toddlers $15,405; Preschool $14,220
Annual Tuition Grade 12: N/A
Foreign Languages Offered: Spanish

Essential Information

1830 Kirby Road
McLean, Virginia 22101


Additional Information

Grades (schools may appear in multiple categories): Ages 2-6
Gender: Co-Ed