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The Langley School

At The Langley School, we educate students to do so much more than simply read, solve a math problem, speak Spanish, or use a microscope. We also ensure students know how to learn, think critically, form hypotheses, craft an argument and analyze the world around them. We have specifically designed our program to support emerging three-year old learners all the way through to empowered eighth-grade leaders. Why? Because if you get the foundation right, anything and everything is possible for a child.


Total Student Population: 475
Avg Class Size: 15-18
Student/Teacher Ratio: 7:1
Religious Affiliation: None
Uniform: N
Bus: Y
Lowest Tuition (5-day students): $15,700
Annual Tuition Grade 12: N/A
Foreign Languages Offered: Spanish, French, Chinese

Essential Information

1411 Balls Hill Road
McLean, Virginia 22101

Additional Information

Grades (schools may appear in multiple categories): PS-8
Gender: Co-Ed