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Aaron Dodini, Ph.D.

Dodini Behavioral Health
1501 Lee Hwy., Suites 102 and 110
Arlington Virginia 22209

The professionals at Dodini Behavioral Health are committed to helping their clients have better lives through emotional and psychological growth, personal development, and balance. They strongly believe it is personal growth and development, and not just managing symptoms, that brings lasting happiness.

“The core of what we do is to help people live fuller, richer, more meaningful lives by closely examining where they are and where they want to go, then finding ways to make those climbs together,” says Dr. Aaron Dodini, Ph.D. “It is an honor to be part of the intimate process of growth and development that happens in great therapy.”

Dodini’s therapists work in co-therapy teams (two therapists working together) when meeting with couples and groups, allowing for a rich and unique way of doing work. Because they are comfortable working as a team, they also work effectively with other professionals in the area to collaborate in their clients’ care.

Technology and the speed of life here in D.C. have made us more isolated in many ways—we lose touch with ourselves and others. Dodini Behavioral Health is about long-term connection, vulnerability and intimacy, and rediscovering that human connection.

It is sometimes a challenge to help people realize that true healing and growth don’t happen overnight, but are a process and a journey. Dodini’s clients come to see the value of doing deeper work to get at the real issues. It takes more effort, but it’s much more worthwhile.

The bottom line? “We are real,” explains Dr. Dodini. “We will be in a real relationship with you as our client, and join you in being vulnerable and growing every step of the way.”

Adult individual, couples, and group psychotherapy
Adult ADHD screening