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Alair Homes

Chad Hackmann
3100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 200
Arlington Virginia 22201

Alair Homes Arlington has continued to deliver an exceptional customer experience even through the pandemic. The company’s Client Control Platform continues to allow customers to monitor their project’s budget and schedule in real time. They see the actual cost of each and every hour of labor and item that goes into their project and have real discussions ahead of time to make sure the proper contingencies are in place.  

“The supply chain remains unpredictable, and all our sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers are trying to get back to what they envision as a normal schedule,” says Alair’s local owner Chad Hackmann. “But our relationship and communication with those vendors and suppliers allow us to keep our clients well informed of the schedules that are updated nearly daily.” As a result, there are no surprise dead spots in the schedules. “Our clients can see exactly how their projects are put together, who is doing the work and exactly how we are being paid.”

Alair excels by treating all clients like they would treat friends and family. “There is a lot of misinformation out there, but by being totally transparent with our clients, we can keep the stress levels low in what is traditionally a very stressful process,” Hackman says. “We are members of this community and see our clients all over town. Our kids go to the same schools, we shop at the same stores. We want everyone to greet us with a smile as we do the same to them.”

Awards & Honors:
NARI Contractor of the Year Winner:
• nationally for Basement Remodel under $100k (2020)
• locally for Kitchen under $50k (2019); and
• locally for Addition under $250k (2019)

Recipient of NARI’s Community Service Award

Arlington County Green Home Choice Award-Platinum Level