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Alair Homes Arlington

Chad Hackmann
3100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 200
Arlington Virginia 22201

What sets Alair Homes apart in a crowded marketplace?
The Alair system offers a level of transparency that I have not seen with any other builders or remodelers. Clients see the actual cost we are paying for all materials and labor and how we are paid related to that. They also see the exact number of hours we are putting into the project. This allows us to have real, detailed conversations with our clients about the best way to structure their project. At any time they can check and make sure that our material costs are in line with the market. There is no smoke and mirrors, and no application of larger markups on some items to make up for lower markups on others.

What should potential clients know about you?
As much as one can be around here, I am a native Arlingtonian. I’ve been here since the mid-1990’s, have lived in the same house for 19 years, and have four kids going to school here. We are members of the local community facing the same challenges as most folks in Arlington, trying to make these old, very utilitarian homes work for modern families. Arlington is only a few miles from Maryland and the District of Columbia, and it is surrounded by Fairfax County and the City of Alexandria, and all of these jurisdictions have their own building codes and licensing requirements. Because I have lived and worked here so long, I know many of the local building officials by name. I have worked on every type of home in Arlington so there are very few surprises. Alair is perfectly suited to handle the unique challenges of working in Arlington because we are a part of Arlington.

Arlington residing and based; 100% transparent pricing; Client control software; No additional penalties for change orders