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Andy Shin

Photo taken at Waycroft Ballston
5130 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington Virginia 22205
Andy Shin Fitness

One of the DMV’s premier personal trainers, Andy has helped more than 800 individuals achieve their fitness goals. He’s impassioned to help clients from all walks of life and takes particular interest in helping people with chronic illnesses or injuries, or those preparing for major life events. He also specializes in prenatal/postpartum fitness.

Q: What makes you different from other personal trainers?

A: At Andy Shin Fitness, it’s all about you, the client. I create customized programs, taking into account each client’s individual goals, capabilities and any physical limitations. And my interaction with clients extends far beyond the gym. I hold my clients accountable every step of the way and take a vested interest in their successes — and there are many opportunities to achieve success because fitness is a journey measured by progress. I will always strive to do my best. The catch? My clients have to promise to do the same.

Q: What is one thing your clients should know about you?

A: I’ve dealt with some major setbacks in my life. I lost both my parents, one to cancer, have experienced obesity and depression, and recently had my own health scare that required chest surgery. But I have persevered despite these obstacles and now seek to help clients overcome their own adversities.

Q: How has Covid-19 impacted your business?

A: After shutting down in March, I re-opened for in-person training in October. I have been offering virtual boot camps and private sessions from home since the beginning of the pandemic, and I will continue to provide these services as part of my hybrid schedule.

Covid-19 has impacted everyone and, as we navigate this pandemic together, I encourage people to stay positive and do their best to keep active. Go for a walk, take virtual classes — keep moving and get those endorphins going! Remember, exercise is powerful medicine and can be used preventatively and for healing.