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Arlington Designer Homes

Andrew Moore
4719 N. 24th Road
Arlington Virginia 22207

Arlington native Andrew Moore, president of Arlington Designer Homes, has served his community as a translator at the Arlington Free Clinic, on public school planning commissions and as president of the Custom Builders Council. Most recently he was presented the prestigious ‘Best Green Building’ Gala award by the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA).

Q: How do you calm your clients’ nerves?

A: The construction process can be intimidating. Where do you start, how do you start? Does it make sense to remodel or to rebuild? These are questions I get every day. The answer is: it depends. Each situation is unique and one size does not fit all. However, we have developed processes to help homeowners answer these questions.

Arlington Designer Homes is a true custom home builder and home renovation specialist. We have over four decades of experience working on Arlington homes. Our processes are designed to help answer not only the basic questions like what can I build, but also to help address more complex questions, like what design works best now and in the future? Our step-by-step process is laid out on our website and is designed to help customers break down the huge undertaking of a construction project into smaller, manageable pieces.

Q: What does “quality” mean to you?

A: As green, energy efficient builders, we know the importance of quality in the construction process. Quality is not just about the labor and material that go into a house, it is also about the quality of supervision, communication, management and planning.

Our commitment to quality starts with the first contact and proceeds with our proven customer-based systems. In today’s environment, planning is the only way to avoid project delays. We have been able to help customers anticipate bottlenecks and create a plan that works for them.