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Arlington Designer Homes

Andrew Moore
4719 N. 24th Road
Arlington Virginia 22207

Arlington native Andrew Moore, president of Arlington Designer Homes, has served his community as a translator at the Arlington Free Clinic, on Public School planning commissions and as President of the Custom Builders Council. Most recently he was presented the prestigious Best Green Building, Gala award by the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA).

Arlington Designer Homes Construction is a design/build firm specializing in green, high-efficiency remodeling and new construction. Having certified more houses than any other company under the Arlington County Green Home Choice Program, they know what it takes to not only work in the county, but also how to build healthier and more comfortable homes.

The company has developed a process to work with remodeling and new build clients. Using their processes, they can identify the best possible options for their clients. Every client has unique challenges and unique needs, and every project is a new creation. The ADH team meets the clients where they are to problem solve for their specific situation. ADH leads the way through their unique, time-tested processes of designing and/or building new single-family homes or renovations—one size does not fit all.

ADH turns 40 this year! Having been around that long, they have the experience and contacts necessary to address specific and unique design challenges in Arlington. The zoning and land disturbance requirements around development in Arlington have become very technical and complicated. Team members use their knowledge of local regulations to identify and mitigate any potential issues early in the process. Having spent their careers putting together experienced design teams able to address any situation, they take the mystery out of the design/build process and place ADH’s clients in the best possible position for their unique project. 

Arlington Designer Homes Construction builds for the way you live!