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Arlington Designer Homes

Andrew Moore
4719 N. 24th Road
Arlington Virginia 22207

Arlington Designer Homes president Andrew Moore is a native Arlingtonian. He has served as a translator at the Arlington Free Clinic, on public school planning commissions and as President of the Custom Builders Council. Most recently he was awarded the prestigious “Best Green Home of the Year” award by the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA).

Q: What makes Arlington Designer Homes unique?

A: We specialize in green, energy efficient building. As a true custom builder, we design our projects based upon what the customer needs and wants. We use design opportunities to highlight the best aspects of the lot we are building on. Whether it is the direction that light travels or some other unique detail, we have the ability to create the design that best fits our client’s site.

Q: What does it mean to be a green, energy-efficient builder?

A: Basically, it means offering a higher standard of building. We hire a third-party independent inspector to review our projects to ensure that the highest standards are met and exceeded. The result of this attention to detail is the creation of more comfortable, healthier houses for our customers.

Q: How does your experience help your clients?

A: Arlington Designer Homes has been doing custom new homes and remodeling for over four decades. Although all projects are different, the processes through which we approach them are the same. It starts with our clients. We listen to their needs to determine if we are a good fit for their expectations. In turn, we evaluate whether they are a good fit for our systems and processes. Any good project owes its success to open, honest and continual communication. We learn how our clients best communicate and work with them that way, using tools such as weekly updates, our online client portal and on-site meetings. The ultimate goal is creating an open environment to support our clients.