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Arlington Designer Homes Construction, LLC

4719 24th Road N.
Arlington Virginia 22207

About Us:

Arlington Designer Homes’ green building program is based upon three principles: energy efficiency, health and comfort. We use these core principles to design a more efficient, greener home for our clients. 

Arlingtondesignerhome Adhc 2Our Work:

We use third-party home inspectors to certify our HERS rating. Typically, our homes are 50% more efficient than a code-built home. This is just one of the reasons we have more homes certified under the Arlington County Green Home Choice Program than any other company.

We use advanced framing techniques and spray foam insulation to build ’tight’ homes, which then require mechanical ventilation. This allows us to bring in fresh air and expel stale air. We bring in the fresh air where and when we need it to create a healthier home.

Our houses are more comfortable because we create more energy efficient and healthier homes. We build for the way you live!