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Bean Kinney & Korman P.C.

From Left: Jennifer McCammon, Michelle Bieber, Juanita Ferguson, Jill Seiferth, Carole Capsalis, Kandis Koustenis, Jennifer Schiffer, Maureen Carr, Theresa Mihalik, Lynn Hawkins, Taylor Klauza, Pat Bruce
2311 Wilson Blvd., Suite 500
Arlington Virginia 22201
Attorneys at Law

The attorneys at Bean, Kinney & Korman specialize in business transactions, bankruptcy/creditors rights, employment, real estate, family law and estate planning. Our attorneys understand the importance of putting clients first and adapting to challenges inside and outside of the workplace. Jennifer McCammon shares her thoughts on being a successful lawyer and woman in business.

Q: What advice would you offer to women just starting out?

A: Take every assignment and opportunity seriously. First impressions count and, whether it’s a simple or complicated task, intellectual or menial, those around you will notice how you approach it. You can solidify your career by making an excellent first impression. It builds trust and confidence in your abilities.

Q: What do you look forward to when you go to work every day?

A: The people. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you are not the only one who has good days and bad or that the work we do can be really challenging. I not only look forward to connecting with people but find it necessary to share experiences and sometimes laughs to maintain balance.

Q: What changes or innovations are on the horizon in your industry? How are you preparing for them?

A: Like every industry, we must be more flexible about hours and accommodating remote work. That will not drastically change what we do, but how. Over the last few years, we have learned that most of us can successfully work remotely. Therefore, we must be proactive in offering flexible options and trust that we can hold our colleagues and employees accountable.

Q: What woman inspires you and why?

A: I am inspired every day by my female colleagues, but without question, my mother is the woman who inspires me most. She didn’t just balance life—or make it look like she did—but gave me the confidence to know I am capable of anything.