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Betsy Frantz

President & CEO, PathForward
2020-A 14th St. N.
Arlington Virginia 22201

PathForward (formerly A-SPAN) provides life-saving, sustaining services for more than 500 people experiencing homelessness in Arlington. President and CEO Betsy Frantz’s executive leadership in the nonprofit industry spans three decades. She is a sought-after speaker and consultant for her expertise in maximizing team and personal capacity, strategic systems building and leadership development.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve received, and how has it helped you?

A: My father was extremely wise and often gave me sage advice that I have taken to heart. He taught me that people who believe in themselves and authentically follow their hearts and passions achieve greatness and lead others to excellence. He continually reminded me to stay true to myself, be genuine and authentic, and to not worry about what others wanted me to be.

Q: What is your vision for PathForward?

A: I am incredibly proud of PathForward’s rich 30-year history, and I am curious to know what people will say about our organization in another 30 years. Anyone involved with PathForward will acknowledge our sincere desire to put ourselves out of business by ensuring that everyone can live free from the threat of homelessness. Even if our programs look different in 10, 20 or 30 years, this principle will continue to guide our vision to end homelessness.

Q: What do you love most about doing business in Arlington?

A: I love Arlington because the people here truly care for others. They regularly step up, volunteering their time, talent and treasure to make this community a better place for all.

Q: How have you mentored or inspired others who are following in your footsteps?

A: The greatest gift a leader can give is to mentor and inspire others to do even more than they have accomplished themselves. I relish the opportunity to mentor those who want to learn and grow, and I enjoy celebrating their accomplishments and successes.