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Bowers Design Build

Katie Peters, Design Director; John Coburn, President; Wilma and Bruce Bowers, Co-Owners
6715 Whittier Ave., Suite 200
McLean Virginia 22101
For 31 years, Bowers Design Build has created an extraordinary homeowner experience. On-staff architects and interior designers create maximum functionality and beautiful finishes. On-staff construction experts execute the building process with quality mindedness and honed project management skills. The entire team is focused on delivering a great experience for their clients.

Q: What is Bowers Design Build’s underlying business philosophy?

A: When Bruce Bowers started Bowers Design Build 31 years ago, his goal was to create an extraordinary design and construction experience for the homeowner. Coupling his relentless drive to do things “the right way” (learned at an early age from his builder father and grandfather) with his education at the University of Maryland’s School of Architecture, he developed a customer-centric approach to customized designs and a precise construction process incorporating project management expertise.

Bruce Bowers’ passion for excellence has attracted a team of people who share this mantra.

Q: How do you put that philosophy into practice?

A: Inspired by the company’s long-standing reputation for extreme customer care, the Bowers Design Build team of on-staff architects, interior designers and construction professionals go above and beyond daily to ensure overall client satisfaction. Proof that their hard work is paying off: Recent results from GuildQuality.com show that 100% of their clients surveyed would recommend us to a friend. While winning industry awards for exceptional design and construction are wonderful, the true measure of the Bowers’ team’s success is happy clients.

Q: How would your clients describe you?

A: Satisfied clients describe the Bowers Design Build team as creative, detail oriented, dedicated, honest, fair and great project managers. They recognize that our employees are talented people with a focus on customer care. In fact, many of our customers have said they wouldn’t change a thing about their experience with Bowers Design Build. That is high praise—especially in the discerning northern Virginia market, where competition is plentiful.