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Chef Guo

Guo Wen Jun
6259 Little River Turnpike
Alexandria Virginia 22312

Chinese master chef Guo Wen Jun traveled all over the country before choosing Alexandria for the site of his first U.S. restaurant. At Chef Guo, the award-winning chef showcases Chinese imperial cuisine in an upscale banquet setting. His signature cooking style combines Western ingredients, like truffle and caviar, with traditional cooking methods.

Chef Guo became a seventh-generation royal chef disciple at just 14. Before opening his own restaurant in Alexandria, he was an executive chef at restaurants in Beijing and Hong Kong. Chef Guo has won several international awards and cooked for world leaders.

At Chef Guo, restaurant patrons choose from three tasting menus with 12 courses each. The signature hand-made noodles in black bean sauce are a staple in each menu. Foie gras with gold leaf flakes, lobster tail with saffron and baked Kobe beef are among the delicacies served.