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Chevy Chase Trust

From Left: Christine Wallace, Senior Portfolio Manager; Lynn Panagos, Chief Client Services and Operations Officer; Deb Gandy, Wealth Advisor and Relationship Manager; Anneke H. Niemira, Senior Wealth Planner
7501 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1500W
Bethesda Maryland 20814

Chevy Chase Trust is an independent, privately-owned investment management firm and think tank specializing in global thematic research, portfolio management, financial and estate planning, and fiduciary services. The firm is a thought leader and performance leader in global thematic investing.

Q: What roles do women play at Chevy Chase Trust?

A: At Chevy Chase Trust, the Chief Investment Officer, General Counsel and Vice Chair of the Board, Chief Operating, Marketing, and Fiduciary Officers, and the Co-Heads of Planning are all women. With women comprising more than 50 percent of the overall staff and 60 percent of the executive team, Chevy Chase Trust is a firm that values women as clients, employees and leaders.

Chevy Chase Trust has female portfolio managers, financial planners, trust officers, fiduciary officers, tax advisors and attorneys who meet face-to-face with clients to learn about what’s important to them and create customized plans to help them reach their goals. With more women in the workforce than ever before, many seek advice from professionals who are best able to understand first-hand their investment needs and broader goals.

Q: What sets Chevy Chase Trust apart from the competition?

A: Our global thematic approach to investing is our greatest differentiator. Thematic investing involves capitalizing on powerful secular trends, disruptive ideas, innovations and economic forces that are constantly reshaping our world. We build portfolios of individual companies positioned to exploit these transformational changes, and, just as importantly, avoid companies that will be disrupted by creative destruction. Additionally, all new client relationships start with a financial plan that informs the investment strategy and asset allocation recommendations for each unique relationship. There is no one-size-fits-all offering; every step of the process is personalized.