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Classic Cottages

433 E. Monroe Ave.
Alexandria Virginia 22301


Classic Cottages is a Northern Virginia custom home builder that builds primarily in Arlington County. Whether families are looking to build a beautiful model home or a custom home from scratch, Classic Cottages can handle everything from concept to completion through its skilled in-house acquisitions, sales, architecture, design and construction departments. 

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Classic Cottages has a series of smaller models that serve home buyers who prefer slightly smaller floor plans than what you typically see on the market in Arlington and nearby communities. These 32’- 40’ wide homes, ranging in size from 3,500-4,500 square feet, with one or two-car garages, fit Arlington’s notorious 50’- 60’ narrow lots in popular neighborhoods throughout the area. “We’re hearing more home buyers asking for smaller homes with the preference of maintaining a decent yard space over the option of having 6+ bedrooms, 5+ bathrooms, separate dining rooms and living rooms, or even homes over 5,000 square feet,” says Michelle Lynch, sales manager at Classic Cottages. “If there is any room in their new home budget, they prefer to put their dollars toward upgrades that expand the living spaces from the inside out, with screened patios and porches being a popular must-have item on the new home checklist.”

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