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Classic Cottages

433 E Monroe Ave.
Alexandria Virginia 22301

Northern Virginia-based Classic Cottages provides turnkey solutions for Arlington families looking to build or buy a new home. Whether it’s a carefully crafted model home or a custom home built from scratch, Classic Cottages can handle everything from concept to completion through its skilled in-house acquisitions, sales, architecture, design and construction departments.

Classic Cottages is a top homebuilder in the Northern Virginia region, often standing out among fellow local homebuilders because of its unique organizational make-up. With all building facets housed under one roof, Classic Cottages has created a consistent, reliable and truly unique home building experience for its clients over the past 13 years. 

Other builders typically need to outsource one or more aspects of the home building process. “We believe our value to Arlington residents lies in having the team all in-house,” says Evan Muelenaer, Classic Cottages VP of Operations. “That allows us to deliver a cohesive and seamless building experience for our clients.”  

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Clients would say that Classic Cottages is a local builder that feels more like a family. “We truly understand who our clients are and how our designs can most effectively meet their lifestyle needs,” adds Kim Musser, Classic Cottages VP of Design. “The relationships that we form continue well beyond the completion of a home.” 

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With a strong team in place and building bandwidth capable for growth, Classic Cottages is excited for what local changes in the market may bring for building opportunities in Arlington County. “We will continue to respond to what the market asks for, whether it is in residential single-family development, Backyard Cottages or something else entirely,” says Michelle Lynch, Classic Cottages Sales Manager. “At the end of the day, we are a local builder just doing what we do best—building beautiful, thoughtfully designed houses for our clients to call home.”