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Classic Cottages

Kim Musser and Kara Hannibal
433 E. Monroe Ave.
Alexandria Virginia 22301

Classic Cottages is a Northern Virginia-based custom home builder that builds primarily in Arlington County and provides turnkey solutions for families looking to build a new home. Whether families are looking to build a beautiful model home or a custom home from scratch, Classic Cottages can handle everything from concept to completion through its skilled in-house acquisitions, sales, architecture, design and construction departments.

Q: What is one trait that helps Classic Cottages stand out from its competitors?

A: One trait that separates Classic Cottages from other custom home builders in Arlington is that we have our own in-house design department. Rather than outsourcing designers for every project, Kim Musser, vice president of design, and Kara Hannibal, project designer, are woven into the very fabric of the Classic Cottages family.

This purposeful integration helps to not only streamline the building process but allows for better communication and cohesion between all new construction disciplines. Our design department selects all design products and finishes, collaborates with preferred vendors for ordering specifications, manages all cabinetry in-house, creates 3D visuals for client presentations, and works one-on-one with clients throughout the entire build process. At the end of the design process, all of the elements come together beautifully, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that someone else will call home.

Q: Does your design department offer additional design services?

A: Not only do we choose the permanent design elements of the home, but we also offer an add-on contract where we help clients choose which furnishings complement their home. After all, the design goal is help turn a new house into a home. What goes into your home is just as important as the home itself. No designer knows your home better than the one who designed the entire home in the first place!

Buying from local vendors that offer high-quality, artisanal furnishings is an integral part of our furnishings program. One local shop we like to frequent with clients is J & J Oriental Rugs, located on King Street in Old Town, Alexandria (pictured above).