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Marga Pirozzoli, Associate Broker, VA & DC Justine Pope, REALTOR®, VA
3001 Washington Blvd., Suite 400
Arlington Virginia 22201

Q: What do you find most challenging in your work?

A: Real estate is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes finding the perfect home for a buyer – or the perfect buyer for a home – is a seamless process. Other times, the missing piece is more elusive. Each of our clients presents an individual puzzle. We enjoy figuring out the parameters and finding the proper fit.
And we love the rewards of working toward the finished product.

With my 30 years in real estate and previous work as an attorney, and Justine’s 22 years at Fannie Mae, we have the experience to help our clients piece this complicated real estate market all together. And we love to celebrate with them once the puzzle has been completed.

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