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Coupard Architects & Builders

701 W. Broad St.
Suite 302
Falls Church, VA  22046

Bio: Coupard Architects & Builders is led by Licensed Architect Mark Coupard, AIA who has over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of custom residential projects. Our excellent in-house carpenters continue our creative process as we build. We are passionate about all phases of our work; they each reflect who we are and what we do.

The Project: We enlarged and renovated this 1950s split-level house on Lake Barcroft, improving its already strong relationship with the water. Two enclosed porches were demolished and rebuilt on the lake side as finished extensions of the house. New space was created on the street side by enclosing and enlarging the carport, creating a welcoming, roomier entry sequence and a two-car garage. The owners’ beloved Mini Cooper justified the size of the smaller garage bay which was reined in by zoning restrictions. Stepping back one of the bays also helped lessen the visual impact of a front-loaded garage. Dormers were added to improve spaces, access southern light and provide interest on what had been a painfully dull street side of the house. Every space in the home was improved with the goal of bringing the house up to a level that would match its spectacular setting.