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Culpepper Garden

Kimberly Searcy, Assisted Living Administrator Marta Hill Gray, Executive Director Paul Timpane, Director of Property Operations
4435 N. Pershing Drive
Arlington, Virginia 22203

“The gardens have been a source of comfort and beauty for our residents, staff and the entire community during this difficult time. We hope that someday the annual spring Daffodil Walk at Culpepper Garden will be almost as well known as the cherry blossoms of the Tidal Basin!”—Executive Director Marta Hill Gray

During the many challenges of 2020 and beyond, the residents of Culpepper Garden spent more time in its outdoor spaces, where they’ve been connecting to the peace and healing powers found in nature.

The gardens are a legacy of the community’s namesake, Charles Culpepper (1888-1980), a botanist who loved and grew daffodils, daylilies and other plants. More than ninety years later, many of his original daffodils continue to bloom on the property.

Each season The Daffodil Society at Culpepper Garden continues to plant additional daffodil varieties developed by Dr. Culpepper, making the garden a living tribute and seasonal display of beauty each spring when the Daffodil Walk is open to the public.

Culpepper is in the process of restoring and enhancing its historic gardens. This fall, over 5,000 daffodils will be added to the 28,000 bulbs that were planted last spring. The Daffodil Society was launched to raise funds to support the residents and garden renovations.

Highlights include accessible walkways, a restored koi pond and garden, and new areas for residents to sit and enjoy the diverse and expansive gardens. Walking trails will be made more stable and weatherproofed. Many benches can be found along these Woodland Walk paths, giving residents and their guests places to rest, sit, reflect and visit.

Culpepper Garden is Northern Virginia’s largest affordable rental community for people over age 62 and it is the only such community that includes assisted living. Residents have been enjoying the beautiful results of an extensive, two-year renovation that was completed last fall.