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Doorways for Women and Families

PO Box 100185
Arlington Virginia 22210

For most of us, the word “home” conjures images of warmth, happiness and a sense of belonging. But what if the only place you had to call home was where someone was causing you and your children harm? What if home didn’t exist at all, and the only way to keep your children off the street was to sleep in a car or beg friend after friend for a couch? These situations affect more Arlingtonians than you might imagine.

For four decades, Doorways has remained true to their mission statement: creating pathways out of homelessness, domestic violence and sexual assault leading to safe, stable and empowered lives.“We stand at the intersections of family homelessness, domestic violence and sexual assault, ready and able to serve members of the Arlington community who’ve experienced one of these traumatic experiences—or, as is all too often the case, all three,” says Doorways’ President and CEO Caroline Jones.

Working together with the Arlington community, Doorways puts thousands of parents and children on paths to brighter futures by providing a 24-hour domestic and sexual violence hotline (703-237-0881), safe housing options, domestic and sexual violence counseling, and comprehensive support services that help clients achieve and maintain stability.

As the national conversation about sexual and domestic violence continues to intensify, Doorways is doing more than ever before to serve the Arlington community. Yet much important work lies ahead.

“This year we celebrate forty years of serving our neighbors in crisis. Our commitment to our community remains our collective call to action,” says Jones. “Where there is more need, we must do more; it’s as simple as that.”