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Dr. Diva Nagula, D.O. DABPMR

The I.V. Doc

As the premier provider of mobile I.V. therapies and wellness infusions, The I.V. Doc offers virtual physical exams, health assessments and treatment plans that quickly and safely enhance patients’ vitality and wellness. Their I.V. treatments deliver vital fluids, electrolytes, medications and vitamins to the body, restoring hydration and supporting the immune system.

Who might benefit from I.V. therapy? For starters, there are those who may have over-celebrated and find themselves experiencing an uncomfortable morning after. But it’s far more than a hangover cure—serious athletes will find it speeds recovery after a hard workout. Those with viral gastrointestinal issues can obtain quick and effective relief. And ordinary folks who find themselves run down and burnt out can turn to I.V. therapy as a safe means of recharging their batteries.

The I.V. Doc is a physician-owned concierge medical service. While brick and mortar competitors require that patients come to their facility for treatment, The I.V. Doc deploys registered nurses to individual’s homes, place of employment or hotel, affording an unparalleled level of comfort and privacy.

The I.V. Doc differs from traditional medical treatment in other ways, as well. “Our business is primarily run by mobile technology,” says Washington, D.C. Metro franchisee Dr. Diva Nagula. “A patient doesn’t even have to speak to a person to book us. They can go online and pick a package and schedule their virtual telemedicine consultation.”

I.V. therapy offers clear-cut benefits to the physician as well as the patient. “I thoroughly enjoy having patients improve dramatically with our infusions in an hour’s time or less,” says Dr. Nagula. “It brings great satisfaction knowing that I have improved their quality of life.”

Board certified and fellowship trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain medicine, and integrative medicine