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Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Virginia Lending Team
4420 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington Virginia 22203

Q: What is your investment approach?

A: From the start, EagleBank never stops listening and learning, because that’s what builds trust and enriches a financial relationship. There is no menu of products and services to review and assign, because EagleBank knows that every business is different. Questions, note-taking and lots of open discussion all lead to the beginning of a mutually-valuable, client-bank relationship. No matter how many directions a business wants to turn along the way to success and future growth, a good banking relationship makes the path easier to follow. When that relationship is built on flexible, personalized solutions created by service-oriented EagleBank lenders, bankers, SBA and Treasury Management specialists, anything is possible.

Q: What makes your client experience unique?

A: Established in 1998 by local bankers and business owners, EagleBank’s focus has always been on serving the needs of business organizations that impact our combined D.C.-area economy and serve our U.S. Government-shared community. Working with a successful local bank can make all the difference when time is of the essence to buy equipment or a piece of real estate, or complete an advantageous acquisition before a competitor does. Besides local decision-making and quick response, there’s easy access to local management and opportunities to work and network in the community together. EagleBank is also dedicated to and focused on the same place you, your family and your business call “Home”—whether that’s Arlington or any neighborhood in our local D.C. metro area.


  • Ranked 8th in the Washington Business Journal’s 2021 Corporate Diversity Index for midsize companies
  • Named to Executive Alliance’s 20/20 Honor Roll for 2021–designation recognizes publicly-traded companies headquartered in Maryland that employ women in at least 20% of their executive leadership roles and have women in at least 20% of their board of director seats.