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EL Studio

1319 Naylor Court, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

Bio: EL Studio, an award-winning architecture and design firm, specializes in building finely-crafted, innovative structures within challenging constraints. EL Studio eagerly takes on complex problems and strives for the creative use of techniques and materials to develop solutions unique to the problems and potential posed in each project. EL Studio is licensed in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

The Project: This modest renovation resists the current inner-ring suburban trend towards demolition of older, smaller homes in favor of new over-scaled ‘farmhouses.’ The clients, a young family with two small children, wanted more space for play and individual bedrooms but expressed a desire not to ‘lose one another’ in a home too vast or impersonal. Their one-story bungalow, a relic of the first wave of suburban development in this area, has been expanded through the careful integration of appropriately scaled additional program and volume. A carport and efficiency apartment on the first floor were removed to make way for a new addition containing a first-floor playroom and a partial second story with side-by-side bedrooms for the children connected through a bathroom as well as a new Master Suite. The playroom’s double-height volume binds all of the above and provides access to the garden through a covered porch under the Master Suite.