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Elite Dental

1025 N. Fillmore St., Suite C
Arlington 22201
Scott Dudley, DMD, MSEd, FAGD Alyssa Hartman, DDS

What are the biggest misconceptions your new patients have?

Patients often think, “If I don’t have any pain, I don’t have any problems.” In many cases, that’s actually not true. Patients can save themselves a lot of time, money and discomfort by seeing their dentist regularly. Most patients who need more extensive dental procedures either haven’t been informed of risk factors or haven’t been compliant with prior recommendations and a regular hygiene schedule. It’s crucial for dentists to have the tools and skills to detect the factors that usually cause problems. Despite many patients’ concerns about cavities, most post-adolescent dental issues are not due to decay in previously non-restored teeth. By meticulously evaluating teeth for gum disease, fractures, wear and decay, dentists can keep patients from needing more extensive dental procedures like root canals or implants.
The dentists at Elite Dental diagnose these problems using high-magnification loupes, high-resolution radiographs, specialized light to illuminate teeth, and by regularly assessing gum health. Our patients trust us in large part because we’ve greatly reduced the amount of time and money they spend at the dental office.

What do you say to patients who are concerned that dentistry is expensive?

Dentistry can be very expensive if oral health is not maintained over time. Many patients find themselves spending lots of money on dental procedures because either they or their providers failed to maintain teeth and gums adequately. This often results in an expensive year or two of dentistry. But if patients had maintained their teeth over the previous 5-10 years, the total cost and number of procedures would have been reduced. Dentistry is most expensive when it’s ignored or when providers and patients fail to be proactive. At Elite Dental, our entire philosophy revolves around comprehensive care and keeping our patients from having one or two years of extensive, rebuilding treatment.