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Eric M. Lemmer, Esq.

Arlington Law Group
1739 Clarendon Blvd.
Arlington Virginia 22209

What is the most unique aspect of practicing law in Arlington?

Arlington is located in a one-of-a-kind spot given its proximity to D.C., Maryland and the many Virginia suburbs that surround it. Due to this geographical diversity, I regularly have the opportunity to assist clients with a wide variety of legal issues. I draft deeds to transfer ownership of clients’ primary residences for estate planning and risk mitigation purposes. I also help businesses secure desired commercial real estate locations for their businesses in and around downtown D.C. by negotiating lengthy and complex commercial lease agreements and then arranging for contractors to build-out the spaces for their intended use.

What are the biggest advantages of working at a small law firm?

After previously working for an international law firm in D.C. that had over 1,000 attorneys, the many advantages of working at a small firm are extremely apparent to me, from the close client relationships that I have developed, to the diverse and often unexpected workload that fills my day-to-day schedule. For example, I have had several long-term business clients recently ask for my assistance with the private sale of their homes, as a generally less expensive alternative to trying to hire and establish a new relationship with a real estate agent.

There are few feelings more personally rewarding to me than closing a business transaction for a client, which is enhanced after I have established a close one-on-one relationship with my client. Some particularly complex commercial lease agreements and business acquisitions/sales can take numerous months to negotiate, paper and close, so once a deal is completed it is great knowing that my hard work has paid off, and that my client is happy with the ultimate outcome.

J.D., cum laude, George Mason School of Law
Authored several articles on franchise businesses, non-profit corporations, buying/selling privately held businesses and completing foreign business registrations