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Evelyn Powers

Founder, Design Powers

Evelyn Powers founded Design Powers, Inc.
in 1996 to help professional services businesses establish and elevate their brands, attract and retain clients, and increase revenue. 

All clients are treated like family because the Design Powers team is family—Evelyn’s niece, Emily, and daughter, Vanessa, joined the company in 2018 and 2022, respectively. 

For a limited-time offer, visit: designpowers.com/arlington-magazine

Q: What qualities should a successful person working in website/graphic design and digital marketing have? 

A: It’s essential to be collaborative, curious and empathetic. Ask the tough questions, delve deeper into topics and discuss money (a challenge for many women). Be honest when you need help and stand up for yourself when you’re not receiving the respect, outcomes or compensation you deserve. Staying at the forefront of current trends and best practices is crucial, as is avoiding the temptation to chase after every new and shiny idea. Success requires practice, patience, perseverance and a bit of luck. Above all, have confidence in your abilities. 

Q: What changes or innovations are on the horizon in your industry? How are you preparing for them? 

A: AI is the latest innovation but this is where my experience has value. No matter the innovation du jour, a savvy business incorporates and pivots as makes sense. I started as a print designer. The internet made print design and the printing industry subordinate to the web. It took 15 years to happen. We’re staying vigilant and educated on AI’s abilities, but AI can’t replace our humanity; the fundamental need to trust and validate. 

Q: How have you mentored or inspired others who are following in your footsteps?

A: Mentoring is important—I’ve employed interns for 15 years. An essential part of mentoring is giving direction and structure while providing opportunities to strategize and develop solutions, cultivating in my mentees the confidence to seek new challenges and take calculated risks.