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The Face of On Demand Moving

Steve Senkus, CEO and Garrett O’Shea, CMO | PockitShip

Steve is a 20-year logistics veteran and Garrett an experienced marketer. When they recognized there was a business serving people who want to move heavy items, PockitShip was born.

“Who hasn’t asked a buddy with a truck to help move something heavy?” asks Senkus. Originally started to service the Craigslist single-item market, PockitShip quickly morphed into moving just about anything, from whole apartments, small offices, gyms and even items from floor to floor. “Need someone to take that old couch to your charity or landfill?” asks O’Shea? “Done, just PockitShip-it.”

“We help people and businesses move things they can’t do on their own,” says O’Shea. “PockitShip is about as on-demand as it gets and we are changing our industry through better technology and customer experience,” says Senkus.